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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 27, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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southbound. this is a big problem for drivers in delaware. its something we'll continue to follow for you. this is route 422 at route 29, the eastbound side. we can see volume out there later in morning. for now, no delays to report on 422. same situation on the area bridges. this is the ben franklin bridge, the view from camden. it is completely clear out there. all of the area brujs are clear of delays. 5:00 a.m. we are following a story new from overnight. police officers in the city of chester are looking for a person who shot three people early this morning. one of those people was killed. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at police headquarters. jesse, what can you tell us about the investigation at this point. >> reporter: chris, over the past hour i put in a couple of calls to chester police detectives and just a few minutes ago i talked to a beat cop who tells me the detective bureauen side headquarters up on the upper floors, that is literally packed with detectives who are working and trying to piece together what happened at the crime scene. the violence took place around
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midnight, a little more than a mile from police headquarters. the intersection of west 7th street and lloyd street. police blocked off that area as they gathered evidence and searched for clues to the whereabouts of the culprit. they have since opened that intersection. one of victims, we talked to his cousin. >> now his kids have to grow up without a father because of somebody, some coward out here shooting. if you want to shoot, go to war. >> reporter: the other two victims are at krcrozer-chester medical center. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. we have new information about another shooting that happened overnight. in the past 30 minutes we learned the victim of this shooting in hunting park has died. officers found the 24-year-old man inside the car. you see there, two other men were also in the car. they were not injured.
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the victim has not been identified at this point. police are still looking for the shooter and a motive in the crime. this morning, atlantic city is facing another blow to its economy. hundreds of workers at showboat casino arexpected to get layoff notices today. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at showboat with reaction. katy? >> reporter: hi, tracy. after nearly 30 years of operations, showboat hotel and slydrom the ouclwe g employees union president who says caesars aentertainment, showboat's parent company is, quote, committing a criminal act by shutting down a profitable casino. however, according to the numbers we crunched, showboat's growth operating profit for the start of 2014 was down $6.5 million from the same time the year before. the 2,000 employees will likely be told today they're out of a job by the end of the summer. this news comes on the heels of revel casino announcing last week it will likely close by the end of the summer and atlantic club closed it's doors in january, you'll remember.
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>> it's just part of the right sizing of atlantic city. atlantic city has lost half of its market in the last six years. now we need half of the casinos. >> reporter: and roger gross, who you just heard from, has been covering the gaming industry and casino culture as a whole for the last few yes. he is for aundi thi topic. what are employees saying about this? you heard fromç roger gross. we caught up with an employee who's currently at showboat. he just came here after being let go from another casino that closed its doors. we'll have that story coming up in the next half hour. reporting live along the boardwalk in atlantic city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today, a bond hearing for the two defendants in the center city building collapse that killed six people. contractor griffin campbel machinery operator shawn benschop both face charges. authorities say the defenntcarrl
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bpelerdity inspections officials who they claim are just as responsible for the tragedy. out of our south jersey au fol up onhi ng y. swehisid inr fnt t ctso t aof tc e'soz pple witnessed this ast t and did nothing to stop it. they didn't use cell phones to call police but did shoot video. they stood by as the toler tried to help. ferrara findshis all too hard t'stobe messed up that no one came to my rescue. i'm scared because she made threats about my life, my child. i could have been dead right now if she hit me in the right spot. it would have been over. >> here is the suspect police are looking for.
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police say harris spit and repeatedly hit her for allegedly spreading rumors about her. the neshaminy school board approved a policy to force the student editors to print the name of the high school mascot in editorials and letters to the editor but not in news stories. it's intended as a middle ground. the editors of the newspaper say it's an overreach by the school administrators. >> we're going to keep fighting this. >> the student editors say they voted to stop using the team's name because it may be viewed as derogatory toward native americans. some school leaders disagreed saying that the redskins mascot name represents tradition and banning it may trample the free speech rights of other students. from our trenton bureau this morning, new jersey governor
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chris christie is expected to veto partsive abudget passed by state lawmakers yesterday.$34 b would pay for atn byng taxes on corporations and the wealthy. the governor has promised a line item veto. the state has to balance the budget and put it in place before the new fiscal year begins on tuesday. there she is. a new miss delaware. why new? well, she's former runner-up, brittany lewis. she was award the crown in dover because amanda longacre won the pageant earlier this month but was stripped of her crown because of an age requirement. here's what she had to say about it. >> this is something i really care about. i care about peo(. now i feel as though i'm having this opportunity ripped from me and i feel as though delaware is having this opportunity ripped away from them as well for me to be a good representative for them. >> the national rules for miss
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america require contestant be no older than 24 before the end of the year. longacre turns 25 in october. she points out that miss delaware board members knew that when she applied and they didn't say anything. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are moving in this morning. good news is they're not going to last all day. lou close to start with and then clearing this afternoon and through the day, the humidity that dropped yesterday is going to stay on the low side. we'll see a warm day into the 80s. a beautiful weekend ahead. right now we're watching clouds move in to northeast philadelphia and atlantic city is cloudy, 70 degrees while skies are clear in the lehigh valley, 65 degrees. as the sun's getting closer to coming up, we're getting a better view of the clouds that have moved into the city. and the satellite imagery shows other clouds right along the coastline. this is a cold front pushing through the area. there's no rain associated with it. those clouds will be clearing and then the low clouds will be
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clearing as well. you can sea a few scattered showers offshore. the future weather shows by 9:00, still clouds in the cap may ar clearing to the north. rehoboth will see plenty of sunshine. the clouds will be moving through the rehoboth area late this morning and early this afternoo that's:0 this afternoon. clearing skies and temperatures will push into the middle 70s. starting off with clouds and getting sunsne look at theeekendfoay snday, pl. a ain sed mileshour. thatul tperatures in thow to mid-70 warmer conditions inland, the ven-dacast when i ba. eight minutes after 5:00 now. ere's traffic situation in delaware we want to bring to your attention. jillian mele has been getting new information about the closure on 95. allonus more,t knowhtinvon ovle southbound for drivers in delaware. let's break this down to where it's happening. it's right here where you can see this arrow, 95 southbound at route 141, exit 5b.
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all lanes are blocked. this is where 495 is closed. so 95 and this stretch where it would be the alternate route for 495, 95 is good there. once those two roads meet, 95 branches off by itself. that's where it's blocked off. take route 4 or route 13 if you need to get around this. i'll show you where those roads are located. again, this is the accident. this is route 13. right above, it's not on this map, this is where route 4 will going to be parallel for 95 in aarea. you have a few different options. good options if you need to get around it. this accident could be out there for a while. it is involving an overturned tractor-trailer. it sounds like a serious accident. nbc 10's jesse gary will make his way down to that accident scene. for now, again, 95 southbound is closed at route 141. aside from that, majors across the area like 76 as you can see,
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the rest are in the clear right now. chris? a new supermark net cherry . whole foods continues its great recycle event from 10:00 to 6:00 today. you can exchange recyclables for gift cards, tricks and sports equipment. a new ban on the boardwalk. one jersey shore community makes a change that will force some people and their habit off the board. and more bridges are closing in our area. two specicl te you they could b shut down for quite a while. we'll explain why.
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we continue to follow kif delaware. so aroees arelo invo rn truck. it's fully loaded with cargo. tractor-trailer. we're told this is a u.p.s. this will be out there for a while. i'll give you alternate routes to get around it. chris? this morning, the whitehorse bridge in camden countyç is closed. that bridge connects lindenwold to voorhees and cherry hill. it's also directly over the train tracks for the patco high speed line. they say the brutal weather is to blame. it was flagged for repairs later this year but the winter has sped up the need for that fix. the weather cycles, the extreme conditions had taken
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what was a maintenance repair and expedited a lot of the deterioration. >> the bridge isse de we reconstruction project. the maple avenue bridge over the > iny lllose for neshami neshaminy creek will be off limits to drivers starting july 15th. work is scheduled to last two years. eastbound cars will be detoured along bridgetown pike to 41. westbound will b directed along brownsville road to east bristol road. 5:14 now out of our jersey shore bureau. ic celarettes to the ban that includes cigarettes, pipes and cigars. fines begin at $100 and can go ten times h for reofnders. now an update to breaking news. now a young neir charged in that violent double stabbing of a man and woman in investigators say 18-year-old anthony waters stabbed two people at a home on north 4th
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street in olney on wednesday. the 71-year-old woman and 54-year-old man are still in critical condition with multiple stab wounds. police tell us waters broke into the home to steal car keys he didn't know ty would be awaawe. he wanted to steal the car keys so he could sell a car belonging to one of the victims. a new jersey aelle pas court ruled that retired public workers do have a right to cost living increases in their pensions, however, that doesn't mey're getting it. the three-judge panel left ip r rt toide ificendiose ge increases. this follows a decis will allow governor chris us lnancl bindhitoryhe pay smo heer c community is fighting sunoco's plans to push propanethei throu. residents went to a meeting l night to v tsunslao propane pumpingti highly populated area of west goshen township. propane frennsylvania to marcus hook in delaware pas tto g therothe sublic
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utility commission which would allow them to circumvent local zoning laws. sunoco says it's committed to working with all commuesg th pi 5:16. anytime 95 is shut downt's a bi >> that is happening right now. jillian mele will bring us up to date on the traffic situation there. >> 95 southbound shut downht now for drivers in delaware. this is happening just beyond the southern splitit49 bod eall lan a.s. in ld is fully loaded. it will take crews a while to remove the stuff out of that. not only that but we're hearing the driver is still stuck in that truck. jesse gary is getting in skyforce 10. we'll ha aor o g in timean we he few ernate routes for you, take route 4, route 13, enrout2 i y nd to it y'lbeini to plan your route accordingly.
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95 at girard avenue is looking good out here in both directions. we're not reporting any accidents out there at all for th d cfr t'new jersey. heey.tathewi meteoro >> we're looking at clouds that have started toento tharea this. seehe clouds in this cent city.the comcast center in no rain expected with these clouds. they wiltart o n the 60s and0s. however with not of of the sun that's just abo tcome 71 eastth win 1 this time. anho.s a he you can seee of the that'shanrday a clouds as thetlereeze that' at the nbc 10 studios, we'll see northeastly winds to start with. that's what's pushing the clouds into the area. in fact, northeastly winds at 10 miles an hour, ntheast phi d philadelphia international. the winds will
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udl b there are scattered clouds off . pp there's a slight chance we'll see afternoon shower in some spots. most of the area will stay dry. the forecast is calling for improving day, after the clouds this morning, temperatures climb into the 80s this afternoon with decreasingouneewe mring ernoon . nothing but sunshine for the weekend. nice weather ahead for saturday and sunday. 84 saturday, 86 degrees on sunday. then turning warmer on monday with sunny skies. then clouds building with heat and humidity for tuesday and wednesday. chance of showers and thunderstorms. we may see some of the showers contin intri out thuday.>> all now. philadelphia mayor michael nutter helps unveil the design for the newestk to grace the wat 68. it was once a shipping pier for importing sugar. it will go from industrial to a
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beautiful display of nature and public space that includes fishing and observation areas. construction is scheduled to start in the fall. expected to be open next summer. >> the ups and downsf t philadelphia real estate market will loot the neids whese are selling like hot cakes and the places that are dealing with a dramatic decline. and speaking of real estate, here is a new development that's helping transform one philadelphia neighborhood. ifol a certain job, t to considemo .
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good morning. we continue to follow this breaking news for drivers in delaware. all lanes remain blocked on interstate 95 southbound at route 141, exit 5b, just south of the split between 95 and 495. all lanes are blocked right now. we're getting a press release into my e-mail. i'll read that, have more information from you and bring that you coming up in a few minutes. there's a sharp decline in homees across par of ph the ci's latest economic report shows cells in the lower northeast are down as much as 60% when compared to a decade ago. this is happening in crescentville, feltonville, frankford, mayfair, lawrenceville. fishtown showed a 45% increase and graduate hospital/south center city showed an increase of 34%.
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and philadelphia's kensington neighborhood, used to be called oxford mills. it was restored and tornadoed into commercial space and apartments. listen to this, teachers listen up. if you live here, you can get a 25% discount on your rent. there's an update involving a recall of general motors cars. courtney reagan is here with that in the cnbc business news. good morning. >> good morning to you. gm is now recalling nearly 30,000 2013 and 2014 chevy cruz models. the driver's side air bagç was installed with the wrong part and could explode during a crash. an accident that blinded a woman led to the recall. over the past five years, automakers have recalled more than 10 million vehicles with tacona air bags. pay attention to that recall notice when it comes in the
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mail. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the wind is coming in out of the northeast. that's giving us clouds to start with this morning. but they're not going to last all day. right now it's 71 degrees. we'll see sunshine and a warm afternoon. jillian mele is busy this morning. >> oh, yes, bill. 95 southbound closed at route 141. delaware state police just sent out information in e-mail form which i'm reading right now. this accident happened at 4:08, an overturned tractor-trailer. traffic is being diverted on to route 141 northbound from 95. i'll map that out for you, show you where the traffic is going and give you alternate roots in a few minutes. more than 2,000 workers may lose their jobs when an atlantic city casino shuts down. >> a second atlantic city casino is issuing pink slips in as many weeks. the story coming up after the
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is nbc 10 news. new from overnight, the search for a killer. a man is shot dead, others wounded in delawarecounty. mass layoffs coming soon.
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that's what workers at this casinon atlancity are facing today. oh, e beill be gre is ekend. we'll get thetails from bill. gead niceekend. it's already 71 degrees this mog. i'm tracyvidson. >> i'm cato. >> krarri is enjoyable. y bau isday. ts ngoo morning. wi dad new cl these 's live view fromter city. moving in on northeasterly winds. we'llhe clouds disappear this afternoon. a cold frontame ght. if you look closely, those a clouds across delaware and south yo. througertoladelpter tigrlo do ha clouds but they wilst. the temperatures in the 60s and 70sill want
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evody will them. tasun this morning, not they'll be disappearing as weher temperates near t degre re casthen i come back. jillian mele has your traffic. >> good morning, bill. this is a n release thatwa stett eg serioent that we continue tofollow95 soou 1 5b, all lanes are block.deware state police say tt tmorning.fic bngff 95 southboun o141 northbound. you would -- if younow someone is w.h.o. is out there take or route 2.141rthbound, if you want to head south of 95 take route 13. all of those run parallel to 95 southbound. you have good options to get yee lhishis. will be out there for a while. delaware state police say this accident involves injuries. we don't yet kw
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